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(Costus Igneus)
Medicinal Plants
Medicinal plants have been of great importance to health care needs of individuals and their communities. The use of herbal preparations made from medicinal plants is widespread in developing countries. About 65% of the world populations have access to local medicinal plant knowledge system.

India is sitting on a gold mine of well recorded and traditionally well – practiced knowledge of herbal medicine. India has an officially recorded list of 45,000 plant species and estimation put the list of 7,500 species of medicinal plants growing in its 16 agroclimatic zone under 63.7 million hectares of forest coverage. With an ever increasing global inclination towards herbal medicine, there is an obligatory demand for a huge raw material of medicinal plant. Medicinal herbs are moving from fringe to mainstream use with greater number of people seeking remedies and health approaches free from side effects caused by synthetic chemicals.
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